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Better Late Than Never!

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For the Landscape 2020 E-Book by Brian NorthmoreOk so its a couple of days into December, and I have missed what has become my customary end of the month post. But here it is. The reason or excuse is I have just finished critiquing my last set of photographs for a competition I have kindly been invited to Judge on Zoom tonight.

Completing this critique stirs feelings of endings, and I suppose Autumn has ended, things are starting to wind down as we look towards Christmas and turn our thoughts to next year. But that's not for this post.

So it has been a very busy month. And exciting. some of you will be reading this in your inboxes as a direct result of it. How some of you ask?

Then I will answer I have launched my E-book For The Landscape 2020, and Newsletter Subscribers will have had a link to get a copy. Producing this was a great experience and huge learning curve using the software, and if it is something I do more of I am now better armed for next time

Feedback from clubs that have seen my Zoom lectures have been phenomenal, as always I am taking bookings for next year.

I have been looking deeper into my photography, and connection with the landscape and have put out videos, on Square format, Autumn colours and a very deep insight into photographing and editing the moody landscape. Coming I will have a video on the intimate landscape.

I have vouchers for workshops next year. So the next time I post at the end of the month Christmas will be over. Scary! So a very Early Merry Christmas.

I hope you enjoy these images and have included a full set of links to activities.







Autumn Colours

I'm not great with title and this barely does it justice. Anyhow a picture speaks a thousand words. I use to struggle with colour photography, my connection was never as strong as with my monochrome work. But its something I have been working on and I think this year I have cracked it. The choice of the medium comes from a deeper connection with the landscape, and that can only be achieved by getting out there, and really engaging all your senses.

Autumn Colours woodland photograph 

 The Moody Landscape

 And here is the last photography I produced. A moody mono photograph looking across Meldon Reservoir. My choice of using monochrome, split toning, creative blur and low contrast all used to bring the mood and feeling of the cold damp day back, and share it with you.

Meldon Reservoir the Moody Landscape

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