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Stoke Beach DevonCan't believe its end of month post time again! Autumn is truly upon us. I have noticed over my last few shoots that it's getting colder, and it's nice to not have to get up so early in the morning. I'm looking forward to the sun staying lower on the horizon, and the hours available for photography extending as winter draws near.

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As these opportunities increase, I'm continuing to get busier as the camera club season in the UK gets into full swing. This time last year I could not have imagined I would have already delivered 2 Lectures on ZOOM and have started preparing to Judge a competition in next week or so. But how the photographic community has responded to changes is truly phenomenal, and I'm really proud to be part of it. And delighted to be able to reach much further and speak to photographers not only locally but nationally & internationally. This month I would like to thank all photographers, but a special shout out to the committees, secretaries and organisers who hold our communities together and are now uniting us with online events across all borders.

I can now also offer workshops with an extra twist. It's easily achievable to hold an outdoor one to one workshop and with modern technology follow that up with an online editing session, keeping us all COVID safe. If you're interested ask.

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Something big has just happened on my YouTube channel. Thank you to all my new subscribers and loyal supporters, I enjoy reading and replying your comments. We are gaining over 80 subscribers a month currently and have just passed the 425 subscriber mark. Happy October!

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