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It Wasn’t The Beginning. It was the beginning of the End

Brian Northmore Photography River Photograph

January 2021 did not deliver on the promise we had created in our subconscious. We should not have been surprised, nothing was guaranteed, the thoughts of suddenly flipping to normality on the stroke of midnight were constructed in our own minds. And normality has so many different connotations. For me, and I probably speak for many landscape photographers that meant the right to roam the open spaces with a camera, tripod, wherever and whenever. And although a solitary pastime for many landscape photographers, we had to watch with dismay as joggers ran by in the park but walking on your own the purpose to take photographs miles from anyone else was frowned upon and not a reasonable reason to leave home. I'm not going to politicise landscape photography so back to the subject at hand.

Each and every one of us has the right to choose. What to do in any situation, so as a photographer and content creator it was an opportunity. I have spent  lot of time reflecting and looking at my photography and what I had learnt over the last 12 months. The biggest change has not been in my photography but my reason for being a photography. The reason was always there but I had never stopped and really thought about it. I had asked myself at a very low level why I take photographs, but never searched for a deeper meaning. I go into what I found on a few Videos so if you have not watched them check out my YouTube Channel. This year I will continue to explore the meaning behind my photography

So January wasn't the beginning we had hoped for. But it was the beginning of the end of restrictions, the beginning of vaccinations, and for me the beginning of a deeper connection with the landscape through my photography.

I have wanted to explore a new landscape for a long time. And hopefully, now we can all look towards being able to do that.

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