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And so it goes on… (Feb 2020 end of Month)

Windypost Dartmoor National Park - Brian Northmore Photography

Another month slowly fizzles out. And March begins with a little hope, as the evenings start to draw out more light comes into our thoughts in the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces a gradual easing of restrictions, ok it’s the best-case scenario, and we all have a role in making sure its a reality by following the rules. I don't have the intention of politicising this post so let’s crack on!

Disappointed Beyond Landscape Photography a Youtube Video By Brian Northmore PhotographyI want to pose a question one you can comment on, post and share What has lockdown taught you? It’s a serious question. Just think about it.

I have learnt a lot, most of it is included in my last few YouTube videos, so ill put the links at the end.

The more I have studied my recent landscape photographs I have come to realise that my photography went through steady and subtle changes last year. A year spent on YouTube concentrating on sharing my Knowledge Passion and Skills has helped my creativity. My mission has not changed To pass on my knowledge passion and skills. And I can only do this if I shoot my own work. It’s not about trying to be different to everybody else it's about being me. Is your photography about you, or are you emulating what you see on social media every day?

I have also learnt that you are very important to me. The comments of support and gratitude that I receive are inspiring, the requests for help and ideas for videos drives me forward, and to meet 100s of photographers through my Live Zoom Lectures, interacting with likeminded artists is a privilege.

Facing March there is light at the end of the tunnel we are days away from being able to use outdoor spaces for recreational activities (in the UK) - with some restrictions. All of this learning and reflection has left me worried about going out... Not about safety and COVID. I've spent so long thinking about the meaning of my photography and going very deep into its meaning. I’m not sure that my search for deeper meaning won't become crippling. I’m not sure that when stood in the Landscape I won’t freeze and stare looking for the deeper meaning in the landscape and my reaction to it.

I won't know until I get out and try.

See you next month!

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