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Traditional Photography Workshops

First off all lets look at what a traditional photography workshops is not. Maybe this seams a strange way to start introducing a product, but I believe there are many misconceptions about photography workshops, and with so many available it all gets a little confusing. I should point out that these are my views - ask another workshop leader - and you will get a similar but different answer. My Dartmoor Photography Workshops, are not a formula for instant photographic success. I’m not going to take you to the perfect location show you exactly where to stand or place the tripod feet, tell you what settings to use, and send you on your way. You would would have learnt nothing, and essentially just taken the photo I would have taken - If that’s what you want then ok, pop along to my gallery now and buy one! My time is yours, when I’m leading a workshop, I take my camera equipment but only for demonstration purposes. You’re not here to fund my day out! If I’m doing it right I don’t have time to take my own pictures so I don’t. But lets be honest with you upfront - if we come across something remarkable, unrepeatable and too good to be true, I will ask you if I can take a photo, but ill talk you through what I’m doing and thinking at the same time.

 Brian Northmore Dartmoor Photography Workshops

So if you’re not guaranteed to come back from a Dartmoor Photography Workshop with stunning images what’s the point? I believe there a few core competencies to master on your photographic journey. Depending where you are on that path depends what you will get from a workshop. If you’re thinking about a workshop, I will ask you about your photography, and what you’re expectations are from a workshop - you’re already reading this so you must have some expectation - tell me what they are. Brian Northmore Photography Workshops, fall into three main categories; beginners, improvers, and building creativity


Beginners Photography Workshop
Brian Northmore Photography Beginners WorkshopsThe photography workshop begins right at the start - in fact your don’t even need a camera, I can let you borrow one (Ask about 1/2 day Digital SLR Experience) By the end of a full day workshop as a beginner you will be using your camera in full manual mode, have an understanding of shutter speed, aperture, ISO settings, and the “other” modes on your camera, as my photography workshops are flexible depending on your progress we progress onto other topics


Improvers Photography Workshop
So this is a follow on. It maybe you did Beginners with me and signed up for this at the same time, (Major discount incentive if you do!) or you already had the basics sorted and come to me looking to build on this. As with everything in life realistic expectations are important, so if you’re not quite where you should be we may need to go back a bit and cover elements from beginners. We will introduce and practice, using the best combination of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO setting. Then introduce reading the Histogram, use filters, tripods. Finally discuss the digital file and capturing all the information you need to make a great picture


Brian Northmore Creative Photography WorkshopsBuilding Creativity Photography Workshop
Modern cameras a capable of amazing quality. You will get technically competent photographs leaving your camera on auto, you will get even better photographs if you can work in manual, and manipulate the settings creating the effect that you want. It’s also likely that they will look and feel the same as all the other online imagery, and middle of the road photography which surrounds us all day. So how do you break the mould. This workshop is all about you. I will assume you have mastery of your camera so we can concentrate on the art. Creating compelling compositions is only part of elevating your photography to a new level. In this workshop we will question your reason for taking photographs and what you are trying to achieve through your photography. We will work on finding your photographic voice, connecting with your subject and audience & Developing your photographic style. This is way to much complete in a day, but asking the right questions and challenging your perceptions, will start you on the path to achieving your photography goals

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