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 Brian Northmore Photography Workshops

“ I choose to inspire the and support the photographic community, by inspiring and passing on my knowledge to other photographers”

Brian Northmore Photography Workshops Hisley Bridge Dartmoor

I have a range of photography workshops held on Dartmoor to suit your own circumstances and preferences. I have experience of running photography workshops for complete novices and experienced photographers looking to improve their technical skills or work on some specific aspect of Landscape or Monochrome photography; my specialist areas.

The starting point of my workshops - even before we are out shooting, is to understand where you are starting from. The base line for all my photography workshops is that by the end of the day you will have stopped using the auto or scene modes and switched over to the Manual, Tv (shutter priority) , A (Aperture Priority) modes on your camera; putting you very firmly in charge, and able to make decisions for yourself

We progress to analysing the Histogram and understanding more about exposure so we can capture the very best digital files for processing latter, we experiment with filters to see how they modify the histogram, and balance exposure, use tripods properly, and learn about the craft of photography and employing a robust workflow so silly mistakes don’t ruin your images

With a firm grip on the technical we can progress onto the basics of composition, covering the basic rules. We will look at how you can use different apertures and shutter speeds creatively, selecting exposures for creative reasons. We will discuss the deeper meaning of your photography and look at developing photographic style, to set your apart from your peers.

This is not all possible in one day if starting from the beginning so I can offer multi-day workshops that can be split up over 12 months to build your own photographic course.

Dartmoor Photography Workshops. Cameras to borrow

I now have two Canon SLR’s available to borrow during workshops, so if you only have a phone camera and want to progress, join me and you can try out an SLR first and learn what it can give you to see if this for you before taking the plunge. Having cameras to borrow now allows me to offer family experience days - so you do not need to exclude your family for my workshops, bring them along and everyone can join in. (Full details)

With so many options and possibilities I will not even attempt to set a fixed price. My base price starts at £40 for a 1/2 day individual workshop. There are significant price savings on group bookings, multi-day workshops and tailored packages. Please contact me with your requirements.

My Dartmoor Photography Workshop experience begins here when your first contact me, so please be bold tell me what you want and need. The options are limitless and in your hands. Ask Ill do my very best to acheive it, and be honest if I can't.


Final thoughts & Summary

  • I live on the moor, I see her weather, the changing seasons and light everyday.
  • I specialise my personal landscape work on Dartmoor, so know my locations well in all weathers.
  • I'm not there to take photographs - I'm there for you so only take photographs for myself under exeptional circumstances or for demonstration purposes as part of your tuition.
  • Our agreed date is very flexible, if your not happy with the weather forecast we will postpone the day, infact I often encourage it. I want you to have the very best experience.
  • I need to put your safety first so if the weather is not suitable, if it put you or your equipment at risk I won't take you, but promise to rearrange.
  • I cover all the photographic technical knowledge you will need for landscape photography.
  • I cover the extra technical aspects that will enable you to get the best from your photoshoots.
  • I cover the artistry of photography, discussing and practising composition, and examining the deeper reasoning behind your photography.
  • 1/2 day, full day, multi day, 1 to 1 and group sessions available.
  • Accessible workshop locations for the less mobile.
  • Family experience days to get every one involved.
  • non photographer companion accompanying a paying photographer come for free!
  • onging support after your workshop via 1 to 1 email, social media and telephone support.