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Dartmoor 20 Photography Walks

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Landscape and Outdoor Photography Workshops In Devon


Photography Workshop Devon Practice Photographing with slow shutter speed Photography workshop Devon. Practising using the histogram and tripods Photography Workshop Devon. Checking composition

I am an outdoor and landscape photographer with nearly 30 years practice covering a wide range of outdoor subjects I am a member of Plymouth Camera Club in Devon. I have worked with colour print, transparency and monochrome film, printing my own work in a traditional wet darkroom. I am not totaly digital. I have have used Nikon and Camera cameras.

It is my belief that good photography begins in the camera and a thorough understanding of your camera is the first stage in achieving your artistic vision.When you know how to manipulate the camera controls, you can achieve high quality digital capture, pin sharp and correctly exposed images.

My workshops enable the novice photographer achieve full control of the camera so that you you can stop using programme and auto modes for good! and start using aperture priority, shutter priority, and full manual, putting creative control fully in your hands. The workshop structure and content is flexible so if you have the basics or intermediate skills honed then we spend more time practicing, checking core skills, filling in any gaps and can then move straight onto considering the art and craft of photography. My workshops are based in Devon on the Dartmoor National Park, but can be extended beyond the national park to other locations, for example if your want to photograph the coastline.

The Basic Workshop Covers:
  • Aperture considering its affect on depth of field
  • Shutter speed, and considerations when selecting the correct speed
  • ISO, its impact on quality
  • Extended topics include composition, histograms, tripods, achieving top quality digital capture, and the art of photography will be covered depending on progress and current skills.

Workshops are flexible and tailored to your needs, so if you wish to cover certain areas or particular subjects tell me what you want to learn when you contact me to ensure that your needs can be met. I want you to have a positive experience and achieve your aims - so tell me about it so I can help.

This is not school. Its a partnership between myself as coach and the attendees to enable them to learn new skills. To attend my workshops you must agree to the following:

  • You are responsible for your Health and Safety, I coach photography - not survival or outdoor skills.
  • You need to be suitably clothed for the weather conditions and terrain. (Selecting walking boots, wet weather, warm clothing, and protection from the sun as appropriate)
  • You will need a camera that allows you to use full manual controls (high end compacts, Bridge, Mirrorless and SLR cameras are acceptable)


How to book:

Photography Workshops are priced at £75.00 per day for individual workshops start and end times are flexible to meet your needs. I can offer reduced rates for group workshops, maximum group size is 4 photographers. (This is based on my Dartmoor Photography Workshops, If you wish to select more distant locations around Devon a one off travel fee may be added to cover additional expenses) Gift Vouchers are available for that special person! To book please contact me.


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The Author and Photographer does not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of this website. The descriptions and maps are designed to be an aide to finding good photographic locations in the Dartmoor National Park and should not be use as the sole method of navigation. Take care on Dartmoor, the weather can change fast, the landscape is often featureless and difficult to navigate. Ensure you carry an Ordinance Survey Map and compass at all times and that you can use them. Wear good supportive footwear ideally walking boots and always carry waterproofs drinks and snacks.