B17 The Mighty 8th Gallery


The Images below are a tribute to the efforts of the men who served in the Mighty Eighth Airforce flying from bases in England over occupied Europe.

388bn LRG All over England the Eighth Airforce rumbles to life.Drab green B-17's line up on runways shimmering in the summer heat,and begin the desperate race to carry their deadly loads into the sky

389bn LRGOne by one, ever so slowly they gain speed and slip the bounds of earth climbing through humid summer skies leaving Englands shady villages behind.

390bn LRG
Climbing with the Humid air, tentativley probing clouds the formations form up. One mass of  4 engined buzzing wasps, 10 souls one goal. This is the Rallye point. The point at which they turn for hostile skies.

391 LRGBattling through stormy skies, and low visability. Continuing the treacherous journey through flack startled skies, streaming smoke form puncture skin, and fractured oil lines the green armada steady on the bomb run.

392bn LRGFinally they turn toward home, one by one, prop by strut. Now with lightened load fear turns to hope. Having flown for Uncle Sam, they new fly for survival.

393bn LRG
Once again over Englands patch work of fields they descend down through cloud, tentatively probing for the ground, the last test will the wheels come down?

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