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Here We Go Again

Ice and Granite Sunrise On Staple TorIt’s been another one of those end of month posts where I really don't know what to write. This is the third time I have started. Now I understand what the problem is. I’m trying to find something to say in a month where nothing really happened. And thats a little sad for the beginning of a new year.

But then when I reflect back over the month actually its been very good in many ways. Your comments, support and desire for me to keep Making content keep me moving forward. Much of the hard work of last year is paying off now.

On Dartmoor Camera Club LectureLecture bookings remain strong. It’s been a busy month and delivering a brand new lecture (ON Dartmoor) to the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) is something I am personaly very proud of and feel honoured to have been asked. The feedback has been tremendous. I will in the next few month be contacting local camera clubs offering this new lecture through the summer and of course during the next camera club season.

But this is your chance to book me now before I start contacting clubs far and wide. Ive had a confrimed booking less than 24 hours from an RPS member for thier club. I'm booking for both live and zoom events depending on what you need. And the end of Lockdown and social distancing for the next Camera Club Season (hopefully) does not mean ZOOM lectures will go away many clubs intend to continue with this format and my talks will be available for those who still need and want them. [Contact Brian Northmore Photography to enquire about photography lectures]

So why do I feel nothing has happened. Well I’m sure you know there cant be a Landscape photographer on the planet who isn’t struggling. Of course its all relative and there others in much worse situations. Despite living in a National Park I still cant get out and make new photographs to share with you. This month I have managed to carefully edit together footage from before the Lockdown and create new videos.

YouTube remains a key focus and outlet for my message. Growth is steady and continuous, we are well on our way towards achieving a major milestone of all small Content Creators the Magic 1000 Subscribers, we should cross the line the in April. m overwhelemed by your feedback and encouragement, and this is why come hell or high water I will stick to the plan and produce new content every 10 days during lockdown. I’m currently planning a video on black and white conversion as during my lectures I am often asked how I approach this. But if you have any ideas on what you would like me to cover during lockdown why not ask? This month I have released Videos on Composition, Focus Stacking, and going back to those old elusive locaions that just dont play ball. You can reach them on the channel using the thumbnail links below.

You Can Compose Better Landscapes

Thumbnail 3 Focus Stacking TechniquesElusive Landscape Thumbnail

I managed to get out twice between Christmas and full lockdown. I will leave you wih a couple of the photographs to end this months update. Please stay safe follow the rules so we can get back to the hills and wild places. Take the time in doors to brush up on those editing skills. (Hint! there are tutorials on my channel) and plan looking forward to sping and summer.

 Grimstone & Sortridge Leat, with Vixen Tor

Nuns Cross Farm Dartmoor Black and White Photograph