West bay Portland Stone.

Continuing on from my previous blog entry (Convergence) where I was experimenting with shape, form and line in the I decided to break from experimentation and produce a classic land/seascape photograph.

I was not looking for a traditional image, but I was inspired by the Landscape. Often this is how my photographs are made, despite hours of pouring over maps, checking out locations on Google, and using the photographers ephemeris, and tide times to work out the best time of day I often find that I have to make the most of the time I have and get the best photograph I can when I'm there. Spending a week in one location for me is a luxury as familiarity with a location breeds greater images (for me anyway) As I get to know a location I see new things beyond the immediately obvious and start to find and produce some original photographs where personal photographic style and location meet in harmony.

00339bn LRG

I had been using this collection of Portland Stone as a backdrop in my previous collection of photographs, and focused on a different objective failed initially to see the potential of the stone formations as part of traditional seascape. But after spending time amongst the rocks and exhausting the possibilities with the Convergence series I was able to throw those limiting lenses away and wander amongst the possibilities. Deep down in us all as a personal style, yearning to get out, and it takes time to nurture and bring it to the foreground.

Its the Foreground that I want to talk about, because it features heavily in my style of work. I was drawn to the lightly coloured Portland Stone, and the smooth abraded surface worked by wind and tide. The tones and texture in contrast to the gritty darker sand. Converting this to mono allowed me to emphasise these elements and strength to my message. The sea and sky form the background, adding compositional balance and adding context locating the scene in relation to the bigger landscape.

I created two versions of the photograph. But its the toned version above that I prefer. The warmer coffee tone captures the feeling of the original experience, of the early morning light warming and waking Westbay. The black and white version shown below feels crisper and cooler. I will leave you to decide on your personal favourite.

00338bn LRG


Both Images are available as Fine Art and Standard Prints in the Westbay Gallery Section.