Sleeklens Landscape Adventure Collection Review

Workflow is a concept that is being discussed regularly on the web. It sounds complicated and restricted to the realm of the professional photographer. But it's not a mythical beast to be slain by only the mostly skilled photoshop assassin. The term workflow simply represents the way you work. It starts in the camera and ends with the final output, there is no right or wrong. Sleek ens are suppliers of Photoshop and Lightroom actions which when combined together can be built into your workflow. So Why?

 MG 0197 sleeklensversion

I have been involved in digital imaging for nearly 20 years, starting with photoshop 4 and progressing to CS6 which I currently use. And through time not only has Photoshop become more complicated with countless functions and filters, the world of both professional and hobbyist photographers is now heavily (by choice) dominated by social media and sharing images. The result is we are becoming slaves to the VDU, and online sharing culture. Having a well developed workflow simplifies the creation of photographic work, and speeds it up at the same time producing consistent high quality results.

I have been using Nik software in my workflow, but now available freely its unlikely to be supported san developed. Sleeklens preset actions provide an alternative, that could provided the solution I need. And its worth considering that Photoshop is powerful so do we need addon applications like to process our images, when really we just need to harness the power of photoshop or lightroom.The beauty of Sleeklens presets actions is once installed they sit in your actions toolbox without ever having to leave the photoshop interface. And something I found during my trial was that this worked faster than exporting to a 3rd party application.

The actions are delivered as a digital download. And opening the zip file, I was hoping to find a manual and some instructions. The supplied mini guide is exactly that very mini! Personally I would have liked a more in death guide into installation and where to start with using the actions. However as they utilise exiting photoshop functions, depending on your skills with photoshop you will need varying levels of support with this. As with most software there is a wide range of YouTube videos available that will provide you with examples of how to use the actions. Most are very good so I am not going turn this into a "how to do it" article. The Sleekness website appears to be very active with lots of blog posts and useful information.

I have to be honest and say that I am finding composing this review slightly daunting as I am slow to adopt new working methods. My workflow tends to evolve overtime, adapting to shifting photographic style, subject matter and technology. So to try and fully review these actions would be impossible. The photograph on this page recreation of a mono image that I had already produced using my existing workflow. The basic steps I took were.

  1. Process image in Adobe raw converter.
  2. Apply Base Clarity (Sleeklens action) and adjust opacity for desired result.
  3. Apply Dream Landscape (opacity at 12%) and apply layer mask to remove the effect from the water and rocks.
  4. Convert to mono using Punchy black and white (sleek lens Action) Adjust channel sliders slightly inside the action to separate the green tones.
  5. Apply a vignette to all edges and and graduate to the sky.
  6. The image was then flattened and covered for web using the Custom web preparation action again from Sleeklens

I was pleased with the resulting image and the way the Actions worked, It was good to be able to use layer masks and other functions in combination with the actions, which gives a a great level of control for the creative photographer. The only issue I had with with the action is that some features were not supported in CS6, I imagine that for creative cloud users this would not be an issue.

For more information pop over to Sleeklens and check out thier extensive range of products - I'm sure you will find something to suit you.

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