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New HorizonsShark Rock. Brian Northmore photography 

It’s easy to get stale, stuck in a rut and to start questioning what you are doing with your photography. And after you have spent hundreds if not thousands on camera equipment, a good dose of guilt gets thrown into the mix. So you try harder. Go out more shoot more, and produce more of the same. This spiral goes one way down faster and faster until the cupboard door shuts on your camera and passion forever.

Photography has been a 34-year long passion for me it is not a phase I’m going through. I will not get over it. But don’t ever think that photographers like myself don’t experience lulls in creativity, self-doubt, and questioning of our abilities. We also see stunning imagery online. We come close to the Instagram formula of popular likes trap and produce mediocre work that I was not happy with. You see social media and online content platforms are voracious consumers of content, and to keep feeding the beast you need to produce lots of digital content feed. And so it easy to visit the same themes, subjects and locations that are sure to produce results. It’s in this comfort zone that mediocrity and discontentment with your work lays.

I have been photographing my local moorland and upland areas consistently for many years, enjoying the river valleys, streams and woodlands. However, there is a magnificent coastline all around waiting to be discovered. It’s time to mix things up a little explore the beach, rocky coves and headlands.

Stepping out of that comfort zone is the scary part. Driving for hours searching for that special location trying to find compelling photographs, and sometimes missing by a country Mile is hard to accept. With every successful composition new skills, newfound passion, new possibilities will reveal themselves. Your photography will be better for it, your sense of achievement far bigger than peddling the wheels of mediocrity in comfort zone heaven. How are you going to find your New Horizons this year?

I hope this video is the first of many to come from the coast and beaches of SW England. Join as I search for my New Horizon.