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August Was Off The Scale!

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I thought July was busy. But August was off the scale! 7 ZOOM Lecture bookings & 2 for judging. And plenty of enquiries for next year. YouTube subscriber growth has effectively doubled. I’m well on the way too hitting 350 subscribers in the next few weeks.
I am busy working on a new photography portfolio book using Saal Digital, my last book from them was fantastic. I would gladly sell signed copies if the demand was there. Or maybe its time to launch an Ebook? (So many ideas, and so little time)
I am keen to book some workshop dates and complement these with ZOOM editing sessions.
00579bn WPV300None of the above would be possible without the photographic community. Occasional visitors, and loyal followers who watch every vlog, read every vlog and comment on every post, so thank you. Keep commenting, and please share my posts and videos far and wide! I think a special thank you should go out to the Camera Clubs, who are putting great trust in new technology, embracing new ways of communicating and creating online events for us all, some I have been a guest at. And next time I post an update I will have delivered my first two ZOOM Lectures this season
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