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April 2020 The Most Peculiar Month Since I started Photography!

Bluebell Triptych

I can’t believe that we have reached the end of another month. As we slipped from March into April I wouldn’t have predicted the amount of photography I would have shared, and how well you received it. As a result down to you’re support our YouTube channel has grown, you have encouraged me to try even harder. So Thank you Everyone - And I cant wait to start on next Month’s Photographs.

Although We have not been able to go outside and enjoy Landscape Photography. I have been able to share outdoor photography with you, from my garden. No doubt you’re going to see more of it!

To cope with lockdown I have had to adapt and change. But this has not been a bad thing, trying new things surely helps us grow. So surviving this ongoing unsettling new world we need to reframe it and look towards the opportunities that it offers us. Don’t waste the downtime, you may never again in your lives get the chance to have so much time try new things.But it’s not my intention to sound unsympathetic or dismissive of those that are really struggling, we all see the news, hear the radio, and read the very real sad stories, on social media, this isn’t fiction, some are struggling, many in the front line have made the ultimate sacrifice, selflessly working to keep you and me safe, and alive. This month I have dedicated every Bluebell Photograph and Video to the Bluebell Appeal For The NHS, if post any yourself please tag them in your posts.

So to close another month here are the photographs I have taken this months and a link to the Video’s if you missed them. I have plenty of ideas for next month, and I am working on my next video for Saturday morning.

One last request - I need a bit more help - can you invite all your friends to like this page, follow this website, subscribe to my channel.I need all the support I can get, it’s only possible to grow with the continued support of this audience so THANK YOU!


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