"I choose to inspire and support the photographic community by passing on my knowledge, passion & Skills"
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Brian Northmore Landscape and Outdoor Photographer

Photography has added so much value to my life. It's taken me to new places, introduced me to new experiences and people. And through it, I developed a deep appreciation of our outdoor spaces, National Parks, countryside and coast.

I want to share the Landscape photography process with you. Pressing the shutter button is a tiny part of it. If you or you know someone who would like to learn photography, a workshop is a great place to start. You can join me as a complete beginner to learn how to master your camera.

Like many of you I have made friends and learned new skills being involved with the amazing global photographic community online, and through camera clubs in the UK. It's a privilege to be accepted into your clubs to share experiences, view, and critique your work.

A Fine Art Photographic Print is more than a picture. It is an interpretation of the natural world that surrounds us. A Dialogue between the photographer and the landscape, a conversation that you become part of when you own the piece. A Limited Edition Fine Art Print is a private conversation limited to a few select individuals.

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May 2021 End Of Month "Transformation"

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We all get stuck in a rut sometimes, fed up with shooting and visiting similar locations. I am the same. On my YouTube Channel, I encourage others to go out and shoot local, visit old landscapes and not worry about the over photographed photo tourist hot spots. Shoot what you want to, what inspires you.

00654bn WPV800What has this got to do with transformation? Well, it seems I have been taking my advice and have not realised it. The photographs that I am making on my home patch - The Dartmoor National Park - are becoming much more personal and insightful. It's not the grand vistas but the cameo landscapes contained within. Nor big statements, but small photographic comments that I have been making. When I bring all of these images together, one common thing resonates with every photograph. I have captured what truly spoke to me at that moment. And that is what I like to think we are all trying to do regardless of how or where. I am off to plan my next short photo hike on Dartmoor and am relishing in the thought of not knowing what I will photograph. Knowing that the moment is out there, something will speak to me, and I will photograph it. What is going to inspire you to get out and shoot this month?

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