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Now Booking Workshops, Lectures & Judging for 2019 & 2020.

Brian Northmore Landscape and Outdoor PhotographerWelcome to my photography page. I want you to enjoy finding out about my photography, likes, methods and philosophies on getting the very best out of our Art.

I am predominantly a outdoor and landscape photographer. I specialize in the UK landscape and the diversity it has to offer. I also enjoy other subjects and feature a selection of aviation, sailing, power boating, and visual art photographs on this site.

I have over 25 years experience behind the camera lens, leaning over the Darkroom enlarger and now sat at the computer monitor. I have during my photographic journey used and printed from Monochrome and Colour Film, Photoshop 4 through to CS6. I currently use Cannon cameras with Sigma optics and Mac computers, but have in the past used Nikon and Windows based systems. Through my workshops I have been lucky enough to experience using Fuji, Sony, Minolta and many more camera systems.

I enjoy capturing what the subject means to me; this does not have to be a true graphic representation of the landscape, but does have to convey the “right feel”. I want to share this vision through my images and blog posts, and social networks.

Do you want help with your landscape or outdoor photography?
I also want to pass on my knowledge through Workshops, guides and interacting with the global photographic community. So feel free to contact me join in ask questions and share.

Do you want to purchase or use one of my photographs?
If you are a photography, art collector, interior designer or want a photograph for yourself or as a gift my photographs are available to purchase.


Latest Updates

Leaf And Waterfall

 "Using natural movement in the landscape as a methody of abstraction during image making"

Leaf & Waterfall Study

The Dartmoor Impressions collection is a departure from my traditional Black and White Landscape photography work. I. struggled to connect with colour photography until I stopped thinking about the subject, it’s structure, form textures and compositions. Leaving all of these restraints behind I am only focused on the colour and light. I have been using camera movement as a form of abstraction, but I have always been attracted to water in my compositions, enjoying the contrast between the static and moving elements in the landscape.

I have been looking for a subject that has its own movement, creating its own abstraction and impressionistic feeling. Walking along the Colly Brook recently I stopped too look at the waterfall, I eventually I settled on the Leaf and Waterfall study. The image was easy to take once it had been seen. With the camera locked steady on the tripod the only movement recorded was from the landscape itself. The water looked likely soft cotton wool. In the first exposure the contrast between the leaf and water was too great detracting from the soft light feel I was trying to create. Exposing for the highlights in the photograph allowed the image to take on a light airy feel. In Photoshop a little desaturation and glamour glow enhanced the effect.

 Workshop Report - Notes From The Field.

Brian Northmore Photography Workshops - Checking the progress of a participantThe darker longer shorter days, low sun and occasionally good weather often create the perfect opportunity for photography on Dartmoor. When these conditions coincide with a workshop for for 5 people, it’s something special. Logistics of getting 5 photographers altogether at the same time is often difficult, but with a lot of luck and flexibility of the group I took out we managed surprisingly well. There was no specific brief for this workshop other than they wanted see Dartmoor, hopefully some new locations, the locations had to be relatively easily accessible. I picked a few locations that could be easily reached by car and gave us access to Tors, woods, rivers, granite boulders and the unmistakeable barren Hawthorn and Rowan trees.

The group approached me after I visited them one Saturday morning at the South Somerset Monochrome group, after delivering my lecture, they were keen to experience these locations themselves. They came armed with a full a varied range of camera equipment experience and styles. The conditions were suited to Black and White photography, so it suited the group well.

Using the back of may car as a base camp, there was plenty of opportunity to warm up with hot drinks.

I have included a selection of the images they have allowed me to use. I just congratulate them all on their enthusiasm, effort, and images they produced. I certainly came away from the day on high feeling we had all achieved something.

Brian Northmore Photography Workshop - Belever DartmoorBrian Northmore Photography Workshop - Combestone Tor Dartmoor DartmoorBrian Northmore Photography Workshops, Black and white and colour

I have plenty of opportunity to run groups workshops on Dartmoor for clubs and societies. Spreading the cost works out very reasonable so contact me if you are interested.