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Landscape and Outdoor Photography

Brian Northmore Landscape and Outdoor PhotographerWelcome to my photography page. I want you to enjoy finding out about my photography, likes, methods and philosophies on getting the very best out of our Art.

I am predominantly a outdoor and landscape photographer. I specialize in the UK landscape and the diversity it has to offer. I also enjoy other subjects and feature a selection of aviation, sailing, power boating, and visual art photographs on this site.

I have over 25 years experience behind the camera lens, leaning over the Darkroom enlarger and now sat at the computer monitor. I have during my photographic journey used and printed from Monochrome and Colour Film, Photoshop 4 through to CS6. I currently use Cannon cameras with Sigma optics and Mac computers, but have in the past used Nikon and Windows based systems. Through my workshops I have been lucky enough to experience using Fuji, Sony, Minolta and many more camera systems.

I enjoy capturing what the subject means to me; this does not have to be a true graphic representation of the landscape, but does have to convey the “right feel”. I want to share this vision through my images and blog posts, and social networks.

Do you want help with your landscape or outdoor photography?
I also want to pass on my knowledge through Workshops, guides and interacting with the global photographic community. So feel free to contact me join in ask questions and share.

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If you are a photography, art collector, interior designer or want a photograph for yourself or as a gift my photographs are available to purchase.


Latest Updates

Landscape Photography Workshop - October 2016

00314bn LRGDate: Sunday October 9th

Location: Dartmoor National Park. Deparing from Meldon reservoir and heading onto the open moor at Red-a-Ven Brook (see photo), before walking to Black-a-Tor Copse and the West Okement River. We will then return by following the river to Back to Meldon reservoir.

Description: This workshop is aimed at all levels of photography, but to ensure that you get plenty of practice and oppourutunity to learn new skills places are limited to a mximum of 3 people. During the day we will start at what ever level you need to complimient and improve your photography. The very basics are covered to get the complete novice shooting in full manual. Saying goodbye to programme mode and making decsiiosn for your self. For those with more experience we will expand on the basics and start to question our decsisions and consider the finer point of achieving the best possible digital file from which to work. Discussing composition, style and artistic intent. Small group workshops are a great way to discuss our passion with like minded individuals, and I look forward very much to sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

Individual Places are available at £75.00 per person, if you with to make a group booking then discounts are available. To find out more, book a place, or ask about other dates workshops and 1 to 1 tuition then:

Sleeklens Landscape Adventure Collection Review

Workflow is a concept that is being discussed regularly on the web. It sounds complicated and restricted to the realm of the professional photographer. But it's not a mythical beast to be slain by only the mostly skilled photoshop assassin. The term workflow simply represents the way you work. It starts in the camera and ends with the final output, there is no right or wrong. Sleek ens are suppliers of Photoshop and Lightroom actions which when combined together can be built into your workflow. So Why?

 MG 0197 sleeklensversion

I have been involved in digital imaging for nearly 20 years, starting with photoshop 4 and progressing to CS6 which I currently use. And through time not only has Photoshop become more complicated with countless functions and filters, the world of both professional and hobbyist photographers is now heavily (by choice) dominated by social media and sharing images. The result is we are becoming slaves to the VDU, and online sharing culture. Having a well developed workflow simplifies the creation of photographic work, and speeds it up at the same time producing consistent high quality results.

I have been using Nik software in my workflow, but now available freely its unlikely to be supported san developed. Sleeklens preset actions provide an alternative, that could provided the solution I need. And its worth considering that Photoshop is powerful so do we need addon applications like to process our images, when really we just need to harness the power of photoshop or lightroom.The beauty of Sleeklens presets actions is once installed they sit in your actions toolbox without ever having to leave the photoshop interface. And something I found during my trial was that this worked faster than exporting to a 3rd party application.

The actions are delivered as a digital download. And opening the zip file, I was hoping to find a manual and some instructions. The supplied mini guide is exactly that very mini! Personally I would have liked a more in death guide into installation and where to start with using the actions. However as they utilise exiting photoshop functions, depending on your skills with photoshop you will need varying levels of support with this. As with most software there is a wide range of YouTube videos available that will provide you with examples of how to use the actions. Most are very good so I am not going turn this into a "how to do it" article. The Sleekness website appears to be very active with lots of blog posts and useful information.

I have to be honest and say that I am finding composing this review slightly daunting as I am slow to adopt new working methods. My workflow tends to evolve overtime, adapting to shifting photographic style, subject matter and technology. So to try and fully review these actions would be impossible. The photograph on this page recreation of a mono image that I had already produced using my existing workflow. The basic steps I took were.

  1. Process image in Adobe raw converter.
  2. Apply Base Clarity (Sleeklens action) and adjust opacity for desired result.
  3. Apply Dream Landscape (opacity at 12%) and apply layer mask to remove the effect from the water and rocks.
  4. Convert to mono using Punchy black and white (sleek lens Action) Adjust channel sliders slightly inside the action to separate the green tones.
  5. Apply a vignette to all edges and and graduate to the sky.
  6. The image was then flattened and covered for web using the Custom web preparation action again from Sleeklens

I was pleased with the resulting image and the way the Actions worked, It was good to be able to use layer masks and other functions in combination with the actions, which gives a a great level of control for the creative photographer. The only issue I had with with the action is that some features were not supported in CS6, I imagine that for creative cloud users this would not be an issue.

For more information pop over to Sleeklens and check out thier extensive range of products - I'm sure you will find something to suit you.

Sleekness Landscape-adventure Actions     Sleekness photoshop actions

Moorland, Woodland & Waterfalls - Workshop on Dartmoor

00245bn Date: September 18th 2016

Description: We will meet near Norsworthy Bridge at Burrator Reservoir, and walk up onto the moor following a woodland path alongside the leat. Passing through the woods will give you the opoutunity to practice woodland shots, and low light photography. For beginers we will talk about and demonstrate good camera technique under low light conditions so your don't get those blurred images! Before reaching Blacktor we will cross some open moorland and eventualy drop down to the blacktor falls, before returning to our start point where you can bring everything you have learnt into use and photograph the Norsworthy Bridge.

The Workshop is adaptable and suitable for all levels of photography, starting with those who have not yet turned the camera on! This walk takes place on some fairly rugged terrain so good waterproof footware is essential, preferably walking boots. We wil be out for most of the day, so a rucksac is a better option than a traditional camera bag as you will need to carry food, drink and waterproofs. You will need a tripod for this workshop, but I have one possible two that I can loan out. ND Filters would be usefull but not essential.

Workshops are priced at £75.00 per person, with special discounted rates for group bookings (contact me for more information) I can tailor workshops to your specific needs so if you want or need something else please contact me with your enquiry.

Please contact me for more information

 West bay Portland Stone.

Continuing on from my previous blog entry (Convergence) where I was experimenting with shape, form and line in the I decided to break from experimentation and produce a classic land/seascape photograph.

I was not looking for a traditional image, but I was inspired by the Landscape. Often this is how my photographs are made, despite hours of pouring over maps, checking out locations on Google, and using the photographers ephemeris, and tide times to work out the best time of day I often find that I have to make the most of the time I have and get the best photograph I can when I'm there. Spending a week in one location for me is a luxury as familiarity with a location breeds greater images (for me anyway) As I get to know a location I see new things beyond the immediately obvious and start to find and produce some original photographs where personal photographic style and location meet in harmony.

00339bn LRG

I had been using this collection of Portland Stone as a backdrop in my previous collection of photographs, and focused on a different objective failed initially to see the potential of the stone formations as part of traditional seascape. But after spending time amongst the rocks and exhausting the possibilities with the Convergence series I was able to throw those limiting lenses away and wander amongst the possibilities. Deep down in us all as a personal style, yearning to get out, and it takes time to nurture and bring it to the foreground.

Its the Foreground that I want to talk about, because it features heavily in my style of work. I was drawn to the lightly coloured Portland Stone, and the smooth abraded surface worked by wind and tide. The tones and texture in contrast to the gritty darker sand. Converting this to mono allowed me to emphasise these elements and strength to my message. The sea and sky form the background, adding compositional balance and adding context locating the scene in relation to the bigger landscape.

I created two versions of the photograph. But its the toned version above that I prefer. The warmer coffee tone captures the feeling of the original experience, of the early morning light warming and waking Westbay. The black and white version shown below feels crisper and cooler. I will leave you to decide on your personal favourite.

00338bn LRG


Both Images are available as Fine Art and Standard Prints in the Westbay Gallery Section.