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Landscape and Outdoor Photography

Brian Northmore Landscape and Outdoor PhotographerWelcome to my photography page. I want you to enjoy finding out about my photography, likes, methods and philosophies on getting the very best out of our Art.

I am predominantly a outdoor and landscape photographer. I specialize in the UK landscape and the diversity it has to offer. I also enjoy other subjects and feature a selection of aviation, sailing, power boating, and visual art photographs on this site.

I have over 25 years experience behind the camera lens, leaning over the Darkroom enlarger and now sat at the computer monitor. I have during my photographic journey used and printed from Monochrome and Colour Film, Photoshop 4 through to CS6. I currently use Cannon cameras with Sigma optics and Mac computers, but have in the past used Nikon and Windows based systems. Through my workshops I have been lucky enough to experience using Fuji, Sony, Minolta and many more camera systems.

I enjoy capturing what the subject means to me; this does not have to be a true graphic representation of the landscape, but does have to convey the “right feel”. I want to share this vision through my images and blog posts, and social networks.

Do you want help with your landscape or outdoor photography?
I also want to pass on my knowledge through Workshops, guides and interacting with the global photographic community. So feel free to contact me join in ask questions and share.

Do you want to purchase or use one of my photographs?
If you are a photography, art collector, interior designer or want a photograph for yourself or as a gift my photographs are available to purchase.


Latest Updates

2016 In Photography where did the year go?

I sort of remember starting this year by deciding that I needed to take my photography in a different direction, and get my images in front of more people. I am fortunate that photography is my passion, it's a safe place a sanctuary amongst a busy and messy world, and primarily I aim to keep it that way. With social media dominating photography in a big way it's often all too easy to measure success by the number of likes and positive comments you get back about your images, But that's not what it's about. So this short piece a forced effort to look at my photographic year, and pick out the positives, because there have been many.

LLpub1 1I'm not big on sharing new year resolutions, in reality they are largely personal objectives, and I have enough targets and goals without putting to much pressure on myself as a photographer, so the easy way out is to tell you what my aims were at the beginning of this year. I did not set myself any fixed goals, but paths along which I wanted things to evolve. To begin I wanted to increase my exposure within the photographic community. I entered the year with a Facebook page, and exit the year with Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and I have had success in reaching out to a larger audience. Meeting in the virtual world is fine, but you can't beat personal interaction.

So I have launched myself full force into the local photographic camera club circuit delivering talks on my photography. The feedback has been great, and I am inspired to develop and deliver more. I have attended a number of craft fairs selling prints and offering workshop vouchers, with small success in this very difficult market.

It's a wonderful feeling to have your work displayed on the printed page, and I have been delighted to have had two articles printed in Light and Landscape Magazine, a digital publication available on IOS. I was featured in On Landscape another electronic publication who printed 4 of my landscape images.

I also aimed to break out of a creative rut I found myself in. I don't think that's unusual for anyone working in a creative discipline, so if you are going through the same, don't worry - it's just time to change and explore. I have predominantly worked in monochrome photography for a considerable time, and as a result I became bored with my own work. It's difficult to reach inside And find new creativity, so i had to look elsewhere. I decided to expose my self to new creative influences, so joined the RPS. I can honestly say this has been one of the best things I have done, I attended as many events as I can fit in, and have absorbed ideas from many wonderful photographers. And just having a forum where you talk with like minded people over lunch has been great. And I have as a result been able to explore different things, some have worked, others have been a complete disaster, but it has become easier to experiment with ideas now that the creative cork is out of the bottle. I have started working in colour, but in my own way, and hope that different techniques have been brought into my own style of work. This has been the most important achievment for me this year. I continue to explore creativity with the aim of progressing though the RPS distinction panels.00346bn LRG

So towards next year? A bit more of the same I hope. I want to continue, meeting and sharing my photography with live audiences, and have a number of talks already booked in 2017. I have ideas for more articles. And there are many art and craft fairs to visit in the local area. Artistically I am working on 2 new projects and not wanting to ditch my monochrome heritage I intend to continue to shoot mono, and hopefully feed some of my new found creativity back into my traditional work. With a clearer direction and purpose than at the end of 2015. 2017 is going to be a great year photographicaly!

I would like to thank you all for following me this year, and look forward to meeting some of you next year and having you visit my website. And of course if you are looking for a speaker, some one to visit your craft fair, or a workshop you know how to find me.

Happy new year!

Published in Light and Landscape Magazine

LL Pub2 1

I am pleased to have an article published again in Light and Landscape Magazine.

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SAAL Digital Photobook Review



I was recently fortunate enough to be accepted to review photo books from SAAL Digital. This review was offered to any one with an interest in producing a photo book all you had to do was provide an honest review linking back to their website. An obvious marketing opportunity for SAAL enabling them to get a large number of links all funnelling into their website. But also a brave move by exposing their product openly to so many potential critics, so I figured the quality should be good, or why take the risk?

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Moorland, Woodland & Waterfalls - Workshop on Dartmoor


I specialise in putting together workshops tailored to your needs, at a very reasonable cost. I can arranger workshops for small groups at a very attractive discounted price per person.

So the door is open to everyone and everything. If you have a location and / or a date in mind get in touch.