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Landscape and Outdoor Photography

Brian Northmore Landscape and Outdoor PhotographerWelcome to my photography page. I want you to enjoy finding out about my photography, likes, methods and philosophies on getting the very best out of our Art.

I am predominantly a outdoor and landscape photographer. I specialize in the UK landscape and the diversity it has to offer. I also enjoy other subjects and feature a selection of aviation, sailing, power boating, and visual art photographs on this site.

I have over 25 years experience behind the camera lens, leaning over the Darkroom enlarger and now sat at the computer monitor. I have during my photographic journey used and printed from Monochrome and Colour Film, Photoshop 4 through to CS6. I currently use Cannon cameras with Sigma optics and Mac computers, but have in the past used Nikon and Windows based systems. Through my workshops I have been lucky enough to experience using Fuji, Sony, Minolta and many more camera systems.

I enjoy capturing what the subject means to me; this does not have to be a true graphic representation of the landscape, but does have to convey the “right feel”. I want to share this vision through my images and blog posts, and social networks.

Do you want help with your landscape or outdoor photography?
I also want to pass on my knowledge through Workshops, guides and interacting with the global photographic community. So feel free to contact me join in ask questions and share.

Do you want to purchase or use one of my photographs?
If you are a photography, art collector, interior designer or want a photograph for yourself or as a gift my photographs are available to purchase.


Latest Updates

Published On Line Landscape Magazine


LPM screenfeb17Landscape Magazine is a popular On Line Publication offering free on line articles and paid content inside their  subscription only digital magazine. I am very please to have been published on line, and you can find out all about my Dartmoor 20 Landscape Photography Project, the images, workshops and information pages by reading the article.

 Wood & Boulders - Wistmans Wood

Wistmans wood is the last of the ancient Forrest of Dartmoor, which stood for millennia before man cleared the land for farming and grazing. All that remains is this mysterious tangle of stunted trees with their moss covered twisted boughs, amongst the granite boulders. Wistmans wood is not easy to photograph you have to work at finding compositions amongst the chaos. Dartmoor's weather is also very changeable, I have attempted to photograph Wistmans several times now in the mist, but each time as I have started to get into the photography the mist has lifted and turned to rain, so the need to be flexible can not be stressed enough for a Dartmoor Photographer.

Wistmans wood presents a challenge to all photographers, and I have seen many different approaches to overcoming them. The main difficulty with Photographing Wistmans (for me) is its confusion. I find it difficult to find a point for the eye to settle on, I bounce from one thing to the next, trying to make sense of what I am looking at. The ground underfoot is very difficult to cross (So please take care breaking and ankle here would be very easy!) the granite boulders are slippery with ankle breaking gaps between them, the ground very wet, covered in deep mud and a tangle of vegetation.

Sometimes I just stop, have a coffee and look around, take out the camera and look through the viewfinder. The very act of looking through a small rectangle simplifies the landscape. No longer does your eye have the freedom to wander, looking and seeing become deliberate acts. Amongst this confusion there are features which start to stand out these two images show a couple of the elements that allowed my eyes to rest and begin to peel back the layers of complexity, and allowing a deeper understanding and connection with the landscape.


00369bn LRGTree Stump
This dead remains of an old tree, seemed to explain the whole nature of Wistmans Wood. Crowned with it’s own miniature forrest clinging onto life. The curve and lean of the trunk also look out of place and contrast with the straighter tree trunks in the background, the lean of the trunk matches that of the granite finger pointing at it from the left. Processed in Photoshop and Nik software it has been given a warm tone (Black and White version available) the background has been diffused sightly to add prominence to the main subject.

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Just A Red Fern

00366bn LRG

I am privileged to drive home every day across some stunning scenery. Equal to my joy of seeing the seasons change across this landscape I am equally frustrated to often witness these fleeting moment whilst trying to get some where else; unable to stop and explore them in more detail with the camera.

On the main road to our village I pass lightly wooded area, stood on a thick carpet of Ferns. Passing in the car you don’t get the chance to spot photographs are more able to absorb the potential in the seam, and unusually this time events, and circumstances worked in unison to afford me a little time to come back and explore.

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2016 In Photography where did the year go?

I sort of remember starting this year by deciding that I needed to take my photography in a different direction, and get my images in front of more people. I am fortunate that photography is my passion, it's a safe place a sanctuary amongst a busy and messy world, and primarily I aim to keep it that way. With social media dominating photography in a big way it's often all too easy to measure success by the number of likes and positive comments you get back about your images, But that's not what it's about. So this short piece a forced effort to look at my photographic year, and pick out the positives, because there have been many.

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